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    Taking up remote controlled helicopter flying can be a really fun, relaxing hobby. It can also be an expensive hobby especially for the novice. So, if you're thinking of purchasing an RC helicopter for yourself or someone in your family that may be a novice, it is best that you start with a lower grade model and work your way up until you get the hang of it. This way if you damage or crash your new RC Heli the repairs to it or to purchase another is not going to break the bank.

    There are three types of a Remote Controlled Helicopter one can purchase, the first being gas powered, second being nitro powered, third being electric powered. The first type (gas) of RC Helicopter is generally the more expensive of the three and it is more geared towards those people, who have had more previous experience flying an RC Heli. The Gas powered models can range in price anywhere from $300 to upwards of $1,900. If you are not experienced with one of these and you damage or crash it, it will set you back some money! The gas powered models use an oil/gas mixture that powers the helicopter, much like some gas powered lawn tools. There are many, many mixtures the pros use but the wrong mixture can do damage or prevent the engine from starting.

    The nitro powered remote controlled helicopter is generally considered for those that fall in the middle, they are not pros but they have flown an RC Helicopter before. There is no fuel to mix with the nitro powered RC Heli, the fuel (nitro) comes in a cartridge much like a CO2 cartridge. Nitro model helicopters of this type can generally be found for around $100 to $150, but have been known to cost more than that.

    Be aware that with both the gas a nitro powered models that the remote control (radio) does not come with most kits and must be purchased separately which is an added cost. Not all models take the same type of control so you really need to consult with the supplier as to which type of control needs to be purchased.

    The battery or electric powered Remote Controlled Helicopter costs less as you can generally get them for under $100. They come with rechargeable batteries which is more convenient because the hassle of mixing fuel or purchasing cartridges is not there, if you carry more than one set of rechargeable batteries for the RC Heli your flying experience will be nonstop, you can be flying while the dead battery is recharging! So if your battery powered RC Helicopter does not come with an extra battery (some do) it is advisable to buy an extra one, otherwise the fun will stop until the dead battery recharges. The electric models usually all come with the controls (radio) which is another plus as there is no added cost.

    There are also miniature versions of helicopters one can purchase for around $30- this type of Heli is for both indoor and outdoor use. It's advisable that the novices start out with this type of Helicopter, once you master these you can move up to the bigger electric models and then eventually the larger gas or nitro powered models.

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    Building radio controlled planes is a sought-after hobby throughout the world. People tend to spend hours and hours on building this kind of radio controlled planes. It seems to be a persuasive hobby and you will find die-hard enthusiasts anywhere you travel. These enthusiasts work on it day in and day out and devote time in creating the best radio controlled planes. Some of them get about their work in a hurry without taking into consideration the amount of work that will be needed to be put in to get the plane finished. You should know exactly what it takes to make a radio controlled plane before starting on it. Some of them might give up easily as it doesn't have much in return even after so much hard work; some continue to pursue their work for the passion of it.

    Building a model of the project is the toughest and the important part of the whole process. Though the model is a mere bunch of wood and glue in the shape of a plane, it is very essential. Models can play a huge part in the outcome of the whole project. How much time and hard work you will have to put in will depend on the type of plane you want to achieve. Do you want to watch something that will just get off the ground? In that case, the style of the plane won't matter much. But hobbyists, generally, like creating real-like representations of airplanes. This involves a lot of creativity and these hobbyists use balsa wood for their airframes as it is incredibly light. The sides of the planes are covered up with any kind of plastic material. The model of the plane is the basis of this construction and they are usually scale representations.

    On the basis of the model created by the hobbyist, he will move on by installing the radio and other motor components. They are fixed in such a way that they are easily removable. Everything is fit into place and is compared with the model created earlier. Usually, one buys all the radio and motor equipments as one set and by following a basic procedure, everything gets fixed together. After installation, you should ensure everything is perfect and take it all out. Make minute changes and get the finer details right. Adding decorative materials or even painting it would give it a rich look.

    Your plane wouldn't be ready now, unless you have followed every page of the guide methodically and diligently. All you can do is probably take it outdoors and attempt a take-off to check out how good it has come out. Sometimes you might even be lucky to have got it perfectly in the first attempt but for others, they shouldn't panic. However perfect it could have been, it might need some fine-tuning so that there could be no flaws at the end of it all. But this isn't easy. You will have to figure out where the mistake lies and finding it takes time. It might be a problem with aerodynamics or the radio and motor equipments could be faulty. If you find it hard to sort out the problem, consulting an expert in this arena wouldn't be such a bad idea.

    It is evident that this process of making an airplane takes a lot of effort and time. But one should realize that it could be worthy and give immense satisfaction at the end of it all. The take-off of the airplane would be a sight to behold as it is the result of a lot of hard work and involvement that has gone through the making. Enjoy the work with a lot more plane enthusiasts around. Discuss issues related to it and get the dose of what is in stall in the future.

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